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Contact: Ms.Emily

Phone: +86 13964503561

Wechat: 13964503561

Skype: 13964503561

Twitter: @obmnz0yf5gzyhj4

E-Mail: lzgypgs@163.com

Contact: Mr.Cable

Phone: +86 18663861568

Wechat: 18663861568

E-Mail: lzgypgs@vip.163.com


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Laizhou AMPANG enterprise Co., Ltd. (AMPANG) was established in 2012. The company's main products are woven products of various materials such as straw bags and straw baskets, as well as shopping net bags and plant hangers. The company's products are sold to Europe, America, Japan and many other countries, and win customers' long-term cooperation in good faith. Please feel free to contact us. ...

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